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Trellis & Vine Support Ideas for Your Garden

Trellis & Vine Support Ideas for Your Garden

Put together a solid support structure for your climbing vines and turn your garden into a stunning display. Here are a few clever ideas to get you started.

Lattice Screen

Swap out your regular fencing for lattice panels that allow your flowering vines to climb. Varieties like morning glories, climbing roses and others make a beautiful display. Another great option is a trellis fence, as it will deliver more privacy as the vines grow and flourish.

Metal Fencing

Build a basic rustic-looking vine support for any outdoor area by attaching a section of wire fencing to your wood fence or an exterior wall. The thin wires provide the perfect structure for a clematis plant to climb up and fill out.

Salvaged Window Frame

This idea will allow flowering vines and other climbers to easily ascend an exterior wall. You simply remove the glass from a salvaged window frame and mount a sheet of lattice in its place. When finished, hang the frame on the wall and lead your climbing plants to the structure so they can wind around it.

Arbor Entrance

Make yourself an eye-catching garden entryway by covering a basic arbor with flowering vines. Draping the structure in white roses is particularly striking, as it highlights the arched shape. In addition, the heartiness of the plant’s leaves and stems work well to hide the vine supports so that all can be seen is the foliage.

Twig Teepee

Also known as tuteurs, these popular twig teepee structures serve as supports and guides to grow plants into decorative patterns. Even when not supporting a climbing plant, tuteurs are visually appealing on their own and make charming garden accents. To make one, simply arrange willow rods into the cone shape of a teepee and secure them by weaving smaller and more pliable trimmings in and out around the top and middle.

Living Wall

When you train small saplings into decorative patterns, you can create a living fence or “espalier.” All it takes is an understanding of basic pruning methods, and dwarf fruit trees, for example, can be trained to grow into a living wall that will provide fruit, beauty, and privacy to your outdoor space. You may have to wait a few years for the fruit and the privacy, but the beauty happens immediately and will continue long into the future.

Trellis for Pots

Convert your potted vine from one that trails into one that climbs by giving it a vertical framework to grow on. If you can’t find something laying around your house to use, consider making a basic trellis from narrow strips of wood, quilter’s rings, and a store-bought finial. The entire project can be completed in less than a day.

DIY Door Frame Support

Another project that you can accomplish quickly is transforming the frame from a salvaged window or door into a rough-and-ready trellis for climbing vines. To do so, simply attach stretches of wire across the opening, spacing them at equal distances from top to bottom. The finished product? An eye-catching support structure for gorgeous plants like morning glories, thunbergia, hyacinth vines, Cardinal climbers, and cup-and-saucer vines.

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