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Painted Interior Doors: The Newest Trend for Adding Color

Painted Interior Doors: The Newest Trend for Adding Color

Never considered painting your interior doors? Maybe you should. Not only is it fun and playful, but it’s an easy way to add color without the risk and commitment of painting entire walls.

What are the benefits?

Interior designers are starting to notice accent walls wane in popularity as more and more homeowners turn to painting their interior doors. Especially popular? Adding a coat of black paint to the inside of the front door. This painted door look is dramatic and eye-catching — especially when coupled with a lighter shade of trim and wall paint. In addition, serious savings can be had by opting for a single painted door rather than an entire wall or room.

Which doors should you choose to paint?

Your interior door painting adventure should not be limited to just the inside of the front door. Look around your home for other opportunities. Even specialty doors can be refreshed with a coat of paint, such as a pocket door or sliding barn door. Pick an unexpected color to inject even more character.

What color should you use?

Just like any other paint color decision, it’s important to first know the type of atmosphere you want to create. A bold color will inject energy, for example, while a muted or neutral hue will help bring peace and comfort. Black, what seems to be the most popular choice for painted doors, is a paradox of subtlety and drama. If you’re wanting to try painting your home’s interior doors, maybe the simplest shade to start with is black.

Unexpected and fun, painting interior doors black is a great way to bring some personality to a room. This is especially pertinent in smaller areas or historic spaces where you’re unable to make a lot of changes.

One especially striking color combination proving to be popular is classic black and white. Simply paint the door black and keep the surrounding door jamb white for a dramatic contrast.

Does this mean the end of accent walls?

In short, no. Popular thought leans toward accent walls never being out of fashion completely. What is more likely is that they will be approached in a different way. For example, future accent walls may see more texture or be more subdued instead of featuring high-contrast colors. But only time will tell for certain.

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