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Never Store These Items Under Your Bathroom or Kitchen Sinks

Never Store These Items Under Your Bathroom or Kitchen Sinks

While it may seem like a convenient spot to stash things, under the kitchen or bathroom sink is not safe for a number of items. Here are six things you should never store under your bathroom or kitchen sinks.

No-No’s for Under the Bathroom Sink:

1. Makeup

Stashing makeup under the sink isn’t necessarily unsafe, but it’s also not the best place for your cosmetics. Makeup typically does better in a spot that is dry and cool — in other words, away from humidity and heat. What can be stored under the sink? Things like hair supplies and oversized or awkward items, such as blow dryers, curling irons, and hair care bins. Just be sure the items you use daily are organized and easy to find. Corralling these objects in baskets or bins (preferably with lids) is a great way to keep them safe and accessible.

2. Linens

When stored under the sink, linens like bath towels and washcloths are prone to mildew. Being enclosed in a dark, confined space that is exposed to moisture and heat can encourage growth. The best place to stash your bathroom linens? A linen or hall closet, if space allows. If not, then consider an open shelf or basket in the bathroom positioned away from the sink and bath/shower.

No-No’s for Under the Kitchen Sink:

1. Paper Products

While the area under your kitchen sink may seem like an ideal spot to keep random paper products like napkins, paper bags, or paper towels handy, the reality is that those types of things have a high probability of being damaged or ruined by moisture. Better options include a pantry, hall closet, or even a shelf in the mudroom or garage.

2. Dishwasher Pods

Your sink’s close proximity to the dishwasher makes stowing dishwasher pods below it a natural thought. However, there are safety issues with that choice when it comes to children and pets. The best spot for dishwasher pods is either on a high shelf — out of the reach of pets and kids — or in the laundry room. As an added layer of security, consider placing the pods in a kid-safe container.

3. Cleaning Products

Another popular under-the-sink item to avoid if you have children? Cleaning supplies. They should be stored in a safe spot away from kids and pets. Even natural cleansers can potentially cause harm, so consider keeping all of them in a child-proof container on a high shelf, or located in the laundry room or garage.

4. Food Items

Many of us grew up in a home where staples like onions and potatoes were kept under the kitchen sink. Simply put, food items do not belong down there. Perishables like these are better stored in a spot that is dark, dry and cool. Instead of under the sink, consider safe places like the pantry or a deep kitchen drawer.

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