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How to Arrange Throw Pillows Like a Pro

How to Arrange Throw Pillows Like a Pro

Find out the secrets to styling throw pillows on sofas and beds of all kinds.

Throw pillows on couches and beds are a huge part of home decorating, but they actually have a tendency to be overlooked. In a world where texture rules, throw pillows are among the simplest and most effective ways to create layers in decor. They are the finishing touch in a room, bringing it to life with style, color, texture and comfort. Going past the visual, pillows also add an innate homey feel. They welcome guests, encouraging them to sit and relax.

Pillows, while functional, also are a way to express individual tastes and styles — and at a price point considerably less than something like custom window treatments. There are a wide range of patterns, textures and styles to choose from so everyone can put together an eye-catching arrangement that works for their space.

Read on to find out what you should do and not do when arranging pillows in every room of the house.

Styling Pillows on the Bed

The obvious question when it comes to adding throw pillows to a bed is: How many is too many? There is no exact formula to turn to, but there are some factors to consider, such as whether you are more of a minimalist or a maximalist. Minimalists, for example, may lean towards just the standard pillows on beds, while those drawn to a layered look will add a second set of standard pillows and a bolster pillow or two.

As far as color and pattern goes, incorporate pillows that will lead the eye to the bed. If neutral bedding is what you prefer, use the pillows to add the accents and highlights. Use the entire room as inspiration for choosing your pillows. Find ones that will either bring the room together, or take it over the top. Pull pillow colors from your drapes or a large piece of wall art. Allow the pillows to create cohesion and help highlight focal points.

Styling Sofa Throw Pillows

Two to four throw pillows on the couch is a good starting point, depending on how big it is. Two is better for a smaller sofa, while bigger sofas will usually look better with four. Simply add the pillows to each end of the sofa, layering a big pillow with a smaller one in front.

As mentioned previously, there is an opportunity here to express yourself through pattern and texture. Read the room before you pick your pillows. For instance, is there a wallpaper that dominates visually? If so, then you’ll want to balance it with more subdued pillow choices on your couch.

No matter what pillow patterns you choose, turning to texture for added interest is a sure way to better your space. Living rooms especially tend to be open to styles that are a bit more trendy or wild. You can make a big statement with a relatively minimal financial investment. Just make certain that the pillows you choose pull from another decorative element in the room.

How Frequently to Swap Out Throw Pillows

Some think you should swap out pillows seasonally, while others like the consistency of keeping them the same year-round. When it comes right down to it, what you choose to do depends on your own preferences. Swapping pillows out each season not only keeps things fresh, but also allows you to bring in cooler or warmer fabrics. But as long as you truly love the styles and fabrics of your pillows, keeping them in place for the long haul works great, too. Just tune into your wants and needs for the room and go with what seems best.

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