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Freshen Up Your Fall Decor By Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Freshen Up Your Fall Decor By Bringing the Outdoors Inside

By every indication, fall time is finally here. Get cozy and give your home an earthy update with these seasonal decor ideas featuring the great outdoors.

Projects include pumpkins, wreaths, wall decor, centerpieces, and more, so you can bring a dose of seasonal inspiration to your spaces, as well as comfort and joy.

Woodland Wonders

Give your visitors something to focus on as they walk in the door by putting together a rustic woodland display for your front entry. Simply gather a few logs of multiple sizes on a tabletop, then using clay or paper, construct mushrooms in seasonal colors to attach to the logs. Finish the arrangement by adding attractive tree branches full of colorful leaves.

The Great Pumpkin Message

An autumn classic, pumpkins are a no-brainer when it comes to seasonal decorating. This year, consider making your pumpkins say something by etching a message on them to welcome visitors. For added impact, consider incorporating a variety of pumpkins and gourds in varying sizes and hues into the display.

Fall Leaf Canvas

Bring the outside indoors with this easy DIY project for fall. All you need is an art canvas and a small amount of autumn leaves. Lay the canvas flat and arrange the leaves onto the canvas in an attractive way, whether randomly, in a gradient, or a pattern. Pin the leaves in place on the canvas and hang the finished piece of art for a chic seasonal addition to any room.

Gourd-geous Display

Put the best produce of the season to work for you in this fun DIY fall craft project. Simply carve out a grouping of gourds and squash and use them as receptacles for pretty fall blooms. Arrange your newly made planters on and around a metal cake stand for a farmhouse-style display full of seasonal charm.

Pick Up Sticks

Gather inspiration from nature to make yourself custom autumn-themed artwork. On a canvas or slab of wood, secure manicured twigs with glue side-by-side from long to short to create the image of a pumpkin. Once you’re satisfied with how it looks, attach a small twine bow as a nice finishing touch.

Vibrant Grapevine Wreath

Versatile and budget-friendly, a grapevine adds a big rustic touch to DIY fall decor. In this case, use it to make a beautiful fall wreath that boasts vibrant seasonal color. All you have to do is hot-glue faux or dried mums to the wreath in your favorite autumn colors. Once satisfied with the appearance of the flowers on the wreath, finish it off by incorporating fake mini white pumpkins to the mix with florist’s wire.

Corny Classics

Cooler evenings and changing foliage means it’s harvest time, so consider gathering some of the season’s bounty as decor. For example, use thin wire to bind a few cobs of ornamental corn together to hang on a wall, cabinet or door. This simple yet iconic decor is perfect for injecting a little seasonal color into a kitchen, dining room or entryway.

Natural Leaf Garland

Staying with the theme of simple and natural, this fall craft project involves gathering newly fallen leaves from outside and threading them onto a string by running a needle through each one. Secure the ends with knots and you’ve got a vivid seasonal garland to hang along a stair banister, fireplace mantle, or across a door frame.

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