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Exciting Bathroom Trends for 2023

Exciting Bathroom Trends for 2023

From upgraded tile to luxurious soaking tubs, the bathroom trends expected for 2023 are all about looking and feeling fresh.

The importance of your bathroom’s design cannot be overstated. It may be small, but this space is the one that sees you first thing in the morning and helps you wind down at the end of each day. If you’re looking to refresh your bathroom — whether that means simply replacing tiles, adding some interest with an accent wall, or bringing more relaxation to your shower area — consider investing your budget and energy into a trend that will look and feel fresh in this new year. That being said, even if it’s not trendy, the most important thing for your new bathroom is that it embodies both your style and lifestyle.

1. Statement Walls

Frilly florals in the powder room are a thing of the past when it comes to wall coverings. In their place? More drama, bigger statements. With a huge range of prints out there to make an unforgettable impression, you shouldn’t have a problem finding something to work with your vision. Remember, peel-and-stick wallpapers are a great option for smaller bathrooms. If you’re not comfortable papering the entire room, simply do a single wall. It’ll still have a dramatic impact.

2. Zellige Tiles

What are zellige tiles? They are mosaic tiles, hand cut and best known for their perfect imperfections. Expect these pricey-but-charming additions to start showing up in bathroom designs this year. The irregularities in the tiles bring character and texture to the room, but also become a lovely focal point — even if the balance of the bathroom design remains straightforward.

Without skimping on style, the handmade tiles are a way to warm up a bathroom and make it more comfortable through the fusing of natural color and texture. The tiles can be used in both powder rooms and prime bathroom suites. Plus, since bathrooms often struggle with adequate lighting, zellige tiles are a fun way to keep the space from getting too dark.

If zellige tiles have a downside, it’s that they are on the expensive side. If you find yourself balking at the cost, consider tiling a single wall to benefit the entire room.

3. Soaking Tubs

Self-care is no longer seen as indulgent and has become more of a mainstream way of life, which is a good thing. Expect to see relaxation areas prioritized in bathrooms as we head into 2023. Homeowners will include avenues for relaxation in their home designs in general, but when it comes to the bathroom specifically, this will mean bringing back things like the soaking bathtub — in its own dedicated space so that the ability to truly retreat is heightened.

4. Large Slab Stone

Oversized slab stone that makes a dramatic statement will continue as a bathroom trend in the new year. This is one of the most effective ways to impart tremendous visual impact from something that is completely natural.

As 2023 unfolds, look for this trend to move into stone that features dramatic colors as well — not just whites, grays and blacks. While this may not be the most wallet-friendly trend, it sure looks amazing!

5. Mood-Enhancing Showers

Look for music, aromatherapy, and light therapy to all have a role in making your morning routine more relaxing. We’re already seeing some innovative apps that let you set a mood for your shower that appeals to all the senses, whether that be something to jolt you awake or help you calm down. You can now adjust the sound, color, light and aroma in the shower from your phone.

6. Funky Tile Patterns

Since people are getting more courageous and wanting brighter, happier colors in their home designs, expect stamped patterned tiles in striking patterns and geometrical shapes to show up everywhere — including bathrooms — in 2023.

7. Children’s Bathroom Upgrades

Kids’ bathrooms will start seeing the same luxe treatment as the adult bathrooms in the new year. Parents are being more indulgent with their children, so expect things like high-end hardware, custom tile, customized features, and matching bathroom/bedroom color schemes. Lucky kids!

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