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Clutter-Free Ways to Decorate Kitchen Counters

Clutter-Free Ways to Decorate Kitchen Counters

Simplicity is key when it comes to keeping your countertops efficient and free of clutter.

Haven’t really thought much about what you should or shouldn’t display on your kitchen counters? Maybe it’s time to start. Putting together the right mix of handy and decorative elements can not only inject some much-needed character into your space, but also streamline your daily routines. But remember: This area is prone to clutter. You’ll want to keep your decorative vision simple and concise. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Show Off a Collection

Culinary collections make a perfect addition to countertop decor — think platters, cutting boards or cookbooks displayed upright against the backsplash. Other interesting options that can spark conversation? Vintage wooden spoons, fancy etched glasses arranged on a small tray, or a stack of pretty dishes. Again, reference the less-is-more approach so that you don’t end up with cluttered up countertops.

Embrace Nature

It’s always nice to add a touch of Mother Nature to areas where we spend a lot of time. Bouquets of flowers work well, but even simpler? A vase of cut branches. Not only will they last much longer than blooming flowers, but tall branches on a kitchen island make a strong statement. Shorter collections can be just as effective if positioned on a countertop beneath cabinetry or open shelves.

Try a Limited Color Scheme

Keeping your kitchen’s color scheme to just two or three hues will help ward off an overly busy look. Countertop decor that pushes a monotone effect doesn’t lend itself to a chaotic or fussy aesthetic. For a cleaner, tidier appearance, consider grouping items of a similar color.

Go Minimal

Another tactic to consider is keeping your countertop decor to a minimum, but mixing countertop materials to bring warmth and visual interest to the room. When varying countertop surfaces, too many items placed on top of them will take away from their overall impact. The same goes for kitchens where the countertops are all the same material, but are intended to be the focal point of the room. Successfully honing your countertop decor means carefully considering where you want guests to focus their attention when they enter the room.

Make a Coffee Station

Add efficiency to your morning routine by incorporating a coffee or beverage station on your countertop. With all the stuff you need right at your fingertips, mornings will be a snap. Consider corralling collected mugs and cups on a small tray so that their inclusion looks intentional and not messy. Other things to include: tea bags, a sugar bowl, or other appropriate items if there is room. If space is tight, house the stuff in a cupboard right above the countertop for easy access.

Decorate Above and Below

Maintaining clean countertops isn’t just about tidying up every night. It’s also making the best use of whatever is above and below them as well. If your kitchen has open shelving, take the time necessary to think through the arrangements on display. Take each section individually, evaluating each vignette to make certain they flow together and do not appear too busy. Cluttered-looking countertops will make nearby open shelves look packed too, so be sure to use minimal decor on them.

Inject Some Color

A neutral or earth-tone color palette in the kitchen means that you can use the countertops to inject some color. Fruit, flowers, and tree branch arrangements all work well and can be switched out whenever you want to highlight a different hue.

Bring In the Plants

Setting up a kitchen-sized herbal garden not only fits the bill of interesting decor and injecting some color, but it also provides access to fresh ingredients by keeping them front and center. All you need? Adequate lighting and the ability to care for the plants. Meet those two necessities and you can have a cute countertop herb garden to enjoy year-round.

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