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Clever Ideas for Bringing a Bit of Color Into the Kitchen

Clever Ideas for Bringing a Bit of Color Into the Kitchen

Interested in bringing a little life into your kitchen through color? Here are a few ideas to think about, whether you’re planning on a full renovation or just need a quick refresh.

Cabinet Doors

If you’re looking for a way to bring in some color without a full commitment, consider going the trendy two-tone cabinet route. By just applying a colorful door to a few of your cabinets, like a length of uppers for example, you’ve effectively brought a powerful dose of interest to the room without overwhelming the space. For existing cabinet doors in nice condition, making the transformation is as simple as painting them in a favorite color. The best part? If a change is desired in the next few years, you can just paint the cabinet doors again in a different shade.

Open Shelves

For this idea, you’ll have to be able to handle a bit of controlled chaos, as open shelving puts your everyday kitchen items on display as part of your decor.

With just a handful of open shelves, you open up your space to big color opportunities by adding small pops of differing shades of color to the mix through things like cookbooks, dishware, spice jars, and other frequently used items.

Window Treatments

In traditional rooms, fashionable window treatments are almost a given. But they can also be used to enhance modern and transitional spaces as well. For instance, in-window shades make a clever choice in the kitchen, as they take up minimal space and reduce the chance of getting tangled up or wafting too close to the stove or oven.

Area Rugs

Area rugs in the kitchen? It may seem strange, but they are a great way to incorporate vibrant textiles into a kitchen — particularly if yours is lacking a window.

When choosing an area rug for the kitchen, consider finding one with a lot of color. In fact, allow the rug to broaden your color palette so that one shade isn’t singled out for attention.

Color-Changing Lights

Committing to one trendy lighting color to accent your kitchen may not be the way you want to go. Luckily, with modern LED lighting options, you don’t have to settle for one hue. Color-changing lights make a range of shades available so that you can pick-and-choose to match any event or mood. Plus, this type of accent lighting can be added to your existing kitchen easily — without renovation — by way of battery-powered options.

Glassware Accents

Glass objects like pitchers and vases, that are not opaque, have a very distinctive way of adding color to a room. Because they are translucent, light moves through them and makes their overall effect softened, which works really well in groupings that are multi-tonal. In other words, you’ll have no trouble mixing several different translucent or frosted-glass objects that you’ve accumulated over time.


Many homeowners don’t realize that wallpaper is not only another option for kitchen wall finishes (in addition to paint and tile), but a really interesting alternative to consider. There are a wide variety of wet-space-safe wallpapers on the market, and pairing wallpaper with a low backsplash will further help to avoid moisture issues. Either way, adding a fun wallpaper can add a big dose of pattern and color to your kitchen. Try it out on an accent wall for a smaller impact, or go big with an all-over treatment.

Small Doses

Let’s go back to basics. Injecting fresh color into your kitchen can be as straightforward as picking out a favorite shade and using it for numerous little decorative pieces throughout the space, such as dish towels and washcloths. Repeating that one color brings a cohesiveness to the collective decor as well as the overall space, even when used in very small doses. For example, a palette that is 98 percent neutral will feel a strong blue presence when just a handful of blue pieces are added to the room.

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