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Attractive Ways to Use Storage Containers for Organizing

Attractive Ways to Use Storage Containers for Organizing

Give your home’s style a boost with these pretty organizing ideas involving storage containers.

Your home should not only reflect your design style, but also be a place of refuge for your entire household. That means keeping clutter at bay. While there are seemingly endless choices for storing, organizing and containing your belongings, not all of them are aesthetically pleasing. It’s true that some of the less attractive options can be used in places like the garage or basement, but more stylish solutions are needed for visible storage inside the home.

Going to your local home store and purchasing a slew of coordinating baskets and bins can be tempting, but by no means is splurging on costly items required. Instead, consider ways to reuse objects you already own: leftover jars, a random crate, baskets you have stashed away. All of these things can be repurposed into storage containers to help you stay organized, but also bring character and style to your space.

To help get you started, here are some great ideas for organizing with storage containers:

Mixed Materials

A group of sturdy baskets coupled with a lineup of repurposed glass jars can make a nice-looking storage solution on an open shelf. Simply position the baskets along an upper shelf, stashing bulky or awkward items inside like cords, craft supplies, and other things you don’t want seen. On the shelf beneath, place the collection of clear jars full of smaller objects. By employing basic yet attractive containers and grouping similar items together, you’ll be able to easily find the things you need.

Go Vintage

Add more practical storage space to your home while also giving it a vintage look. For instance, a rolling cart — whether used traditionally or as added shelving — is an easy way to incorporate more storage into your space. Add canisters to the cart and you’ve got anything from a scaled-down coffee station to a mini bar, tapas surface, or mobile craft spot. Simply rework an old cart to include a couple rustic wooden crates on the lower shelves to hold tall objects. Then place a retro tray on the upper surface to corral smaller items.

Stay Simple

When working to get organized, your goal should be to simplify your home and your day-to-day life. Keep that in mind when making decisions on the best way to store your belongings. If adopting a complex system to handle all your incoming and outgoing mail and paperwork doesn’t seem like it will be viable long term, for instance, then it’s best to find a less complicated solution. One easy fix is to gather it all in a nice-looking metal basket and go through it once or twice every week. Having it on display for all to see will help keep you accountable.

Consider Labels

When sorting and organizing your stuff, every bin, box and container should have a designated purpose. Do not throw a bunch of random items into containers simply to get them out of your way. The bins will just turn into portable junk drawers, which doesn’t help anyone. Instead, store like items together and create attractive labels for each one so everyone in the house will remember what each bin is for.

An effective strategy for the laundry room is to employ reusable fabric bins as hampers and applying labels for each family member. Not only are they functional, but also pretty, so it’s okay for them to sit out in the open where others will see them.

Coordinate Colors

Do you have a bunch of mismatched bins throughout the house? Don’t toss them out just yet. Just because they aren’t a matched set doesn’t mean they can’t be used together. The key is to pull together containers that are in a related color family so that they look cohesive when placed near each other. For instance, use any blue bins available and then add in white bins with blue labels. This creates a put-together look while making it easy to find the items you need.

Choose Classic Styles

If you’re taking the plunge and buying all new storage containers, be sure to stick with classic styles — neutrals and naturals — that can be used long into the future. Natural materials like wood and rattan work well with a wide range of home aesthetics and can be employed to organize belongings in many rooms in the house. Oversized baskets made from natural materials are great for storing things like blankets in the living room, towels in the bathroom or shoes in the entryway.

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