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8 Smart Design Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

8 Smart Design Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

You don’t need a major remodel to stretch your cramped kitchen space. Use these clever design ideas to make a small kitchen look and feel more roomy.

1. White Out

When it comes to compact kitchens, white can be your best friend. Not only does it reflect light, but also helps bring about the illusion of endless space and receding walls. White-on-white walls, cabinets and countertops all blend together — no boundaries or harsh edges — for a seamless look. To prevent white from being too boring or sterile, simply add in a few different shades and incorporate various textures. Crown molding and recessed cabinets are other ways to add interest and dimension.

2. Blend Countertops & Backsplash

Another way to put together a cohesive look in your small kitchen is to join the countertops and backsplash by using the same material for both. That means, if using granite for the countertops for example, to simply extend it up the walls for a seamless transition. A color palette made from colors in the granite will prevent the small space from appearing too busy.

3. Swap Out Cabinet Doors for Glass

Removing solid cupboard doors and swapping them out for glass fronts is another way to create the illusion of space. The clear glass allows you to look past the cabinet frames and into the back of the cabinets so that the back wall seems further away. Just know that this optical illusion works best when you can keep the contents of the cupboards organized and color-coordinated. Clutter will give the space a crowded feeling.

4. Embrace Natural Light

Natural light has a way of making any room feel bigger and should play a part in your compact kitchen ideas. While the number of windows or their placement may not be something you can control, it’s still possible to make the most of the light they provide through your choice of window treatments. In short, keep them minimal. For example, basic blinds will allow light in while also providing privacy. An opaque shade can be added if more privacy is needed.

5. Small-Scale Furnishings

When you have a little kitchen, it’s only natural that you incorporate small-scale furnishings so that they don’t overwhelm the space. What you may not have considered is making the extra effort to finding stools, bar seating, or a kitchen island that is also lightweight visually. Slender pieces with clean lines don’t draw attention and allow you to see through them to the walls and floor, making the room feel more expansive.

6. Maximize Storage

It can be a tough task trying to incorporate adequate storage into a tiny kitchen. Countertops tend to become a dumping ground for appliances. But clearing the clutter will help the area feel bigger. One effective solution to help take back lost storage space is adding a corner appliance garage to your kitchen. The specialty cabinet will hide toasters, coffeemakers, and other small appliances, while also keeping them close at hand.

7. Stretch the Floor

When decorating a compact kitchen, there are some patterned floor and wall coverings that only bring visual clutter and make the room feel even tighter. However, there are others that do the opposite — including oversized diamonds or chevrons that visually enhance the width of the room by creating diagonal lines to lead the eyes from one end of the room to the other. For even better results, try coupling this method with low-contrast hues.

Similarly, incorporating horizontal-striped flooring that runs side to side across the kitchen (as opposed to it running lengthwise) will make the space look more expansive. You can either create stripes by alternating light and darker flooring or using paint to alter existing flooring. A large striped area rug is also something to consider.

8. Lead the Eye Upward

Bringing attention to the height of a room is another decorating technique to add visual space. It essentially takes the lid off of a tiny, boxed-in kitchen. One way is to install molding above your upper cabinets to draw the eye upward. Or simply add decorative plates, framed prints or other interesting objects to the top of your cabinets. For the grandest sense of spaciousness, try decorating the top of your cabinets with items that blend into the background rather than contrast with it.

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