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8 Non-Cabinet Solutions for Storing Dishware

8 Non-Cabinet Solutions for Storing Dishware

Don’t hide your dishes behind cabinet doors! Instead, add style and function to your kitchen by bringing them out into the open.

These clever storage ideas will help get you started:

1. Small Space Solution

Storing dishes can be exceptionally challenging in compact kitchens. For spaces where cabinets or shelves would occupy too much real estate, consider installing simple hooks instead. These hooks can hang cookware and dishes flat on the wall. Just attach the hooks right onto the surface of the wall, or go with a pegboard system to maximize storage customization.

2. Wallpapered Open Shelves

Again, don’t hide a display-worthy dish collection behind a closed cupboard door. If you have something special, show it off with open shelves. Simply take off the doors on a set of existing cabinets and use that space to arrange the bowls, plates, glasses or other items. For increased visual appeal, try applying an attractive patterned wallpaper to the back of the cabinet.

3. Kitchen Island Display

A no-nonsense way to showcase a dish collection is by adding hutchlike dowels to a kitchen island. Unexpected and fun, this storage solution can be enhanced by giving the island a pleasing coat of paint or stain. Swap out your dishware with the changing seasons to keep things fresh, or simply upgrade as your style preferences change.

In addition, an open kitchen island that has shelves makes for exceptional dish storage since it’s centrally located and easily accessible to everyone.

4. Go Vertical

If you’re thinking about incorporating open storage, make the most of your kitchen floor space by going vertical. A tall shelving unit strategically placed near the refrigerator makes grabbing a glass a cinch, for example. Larger, awkward pieces, like serving dishes and mixing bowls can be housed on other shelves.

5. Hanging Storage

Whether brand new or previously owned, wire racks filled with vibrant teacups and coffee mugs turn into pieces of art. Combination racks, for example, can be found that hold dishware on the top and hang tea towels on the bottom to create a simple drink station full of character.

Or you can bring more shelf room to your kitchen by maximizing the space around a set of open shelves. Add little hooks on the underside of the shelves to hang any handled dishes. Place mugs of similar colors on the hooks for a drinkware display that is as convenient as it is attractive.

6. Floating Glass Shelves

If you want to promote an open and airy feel in your kitchen, then floating glass shelves are the way to go for dishware storage. Just be sure to reserve this spot for glassware exclusively in order to support the light visual look desired. A strong benefit of clear glass shelves is that they will not steal any attention away from walls adorned with pretty wallpaper or tile.

7. Portable Possibilities

Customizing mobile storage options are a great way to organize utensils and keep them right at hand. For example, convert a wooden crate with handles into a carryall for transporting dishes between the kitchen and dining room. Keep utensils corralled in that larger space with separate small jars for knives, forks and spoons.

8. Storing Pots and Pans

Did you run out of cupboard space for your pots and pans? Try installing a few short metal rods onto an open wall in your kitchen and using ‘S’ hooks to hang the cookware. Be sure to know the lengths of your pans prior to affixing the bars to the wall so that there isn’t any overlap.

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