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8 Clever Pet Supply Storage Ideas

8 Clever Pet Supply Storage Ideas

Are your pets and all their stuff starting to overrun your home? It’s time to get them organized with these smart storage solutions.

Our pets are part of our families, which means they play a large role in our everyday lives. Just like the humans in the household, pets tend to accumulate a lot of belongings. From food, toys and treats, to dishes, medicines, leashes and grooming supplies, the potential for clutter is high. Here are a few creative — and practical — solutions to help you organize and tidy your cat or dog necessities.

1. Central Pet Storage Base

Select a particular part of your home to hold all the pet supplies in a single, easily accessed location. For example, designate a bank of cabinets in the laundry room, mudroom, entryway or kitchen to hold all your pet essentials. If none of your cabinets are free, think about converting a shelf in the pantry or hall closet, or incorporating a separate storage unit into an available corner. Use baskets, bins and hooks to further your organizing efforts, and place your pet’s bed and toys closeby so they know this area is theirs.

2. Pull-Out Dog Food Bin

Bigger dogs generally need large quantities of food and figuring out how to store it efficiently can be a challenge. To streamline feeding time, consider equipping a standard pull-out cabinet with a container filled with scoopable dog food. Place the bin close to your dog’s food dishes so you can scoop the food right into their bowl. Just be aware that smarter dogs can figure out how to nudge open cabinets with their nose or paw, so it might be a good idea to include a childproofing latch on the inside of the cupboard door.

3. Dog Walking Station

A designated dog walking station by the front or back door makes heading out for a walk quick and easy. Use hooks to hang leashes and harnesses, and baskets or totes can corral dog treats, sacks and other walking necessities. This will help hide the pet gear you use daily while simultaneously keeping it handy. Additional dog grooming tools can be stowed in other nearby caddies and containers.

4. Dog Bed Nook

Like the rest of us, pets sometimes need a little time to themselves. Consider giving them a spot all their own by stashing a pet bed into a secluded nook or under a shelf. Be sure the area is away from heavy foot traffic, and is a place they can go to when they need some peace and quiet. Try to pick a spot where your pet naturally enjoys, like near the kitchen or in the laundry room. Place a few of their favorite toys there as well for added security.

5. Designated Feeding Spot

Slipping a small tray or mat beneath your pet’s food dishes will help define their feeding spot in addition to preventing food and water from spilling and spreading all over the floor. An even better option? A feeding station built into a bottom cabinet or drawer. Simply slide out the drawer or open the cabinet door when it’s time for a feeding, and close them back up when you’re done so everything is out of view.

6. Toy Storage Solution

Encourage daily play by making sure your pet’s toys are within their reach. Use an open basket or other container near floor level to corral the toys. Doing so also serves to strengthen your pet’s understanding of which toys are theirs and which are not. For additional pet toy storage, consider inserting small plastic bins within the larger basket to sort the toys, like separating the balls from the chew toys.

7. Pet Grooming Tote

All your pet’s grooming gear should be brought together into a single convenient spot so it’s easy to grab and go. One way to do this is to fill a tote or shower caddy with basic supplies like soaps and shampoos, nail clippers, brushes, dental care items, and ear solution. With everything in one place, it’s a cinch to take your pet’s necessities wherever they need to go, whether that be the next room or with you on a family trip.

8. Treat Containers

Cute labels can be added to ordinary glass jars to identify pet food and treat storage. Consolidating edibles into airtight containers not only helps keep them fresh, but is also a way to make your storage space more efficient. Just think, accidentally mistaking your dog’s treats for your favorite cookies will be a thing of the past.

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