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7 Tile Trends Anticipated for 2023

7 Tile Trends Anticipated for 2023

From floors and shower stalls to backsplashes and fireplaces, tile can inject style and a big dose of personality to a space. In previous years we saw tile design embrace more standard shapes and colors. This year? Look for boldness: high texture, strong patterns, organic shapes, and statement pieces.

Here are the tile trends expected to be a big deal this year:

1. Glossy Tiles

If you have a space that needs brightening, incorporating high gloss tiles might be an option, as they naturally reflect light. Expect to see a lot of high-shine finishes this year as homeowners look to bring warmth and light to bathrooms and kitchens. Metallic accents in tile are another way to bounce light around for a shimmer effect that feels luxurious.

2. Handmade Tiles

Although handmade tiles rose to prominence a few years ago, there are no signs that this trend will be ending anytime soon. Natural handmade elements are what’s happening in 2023 when it comes to tiles and kitchen backsplashes. What’s the attraction? Every single handmade tile is different, which presents a look that is both organic and artistic. The natural variations in texture and tone add dimension to any room and give them a more personalized aesthetic.

3. Mosaics & Patterns

When you look at home design in general right now, bold patterns and colors are the rage, which is why we’re seeing it flow into tile design as well. Through illustrative looking tile, a wall can be transformed into a piece of art. Use the patterned tile as the focal point and then balance it with more neutral hues to keep it from overwhelming the space. If a whole wall seems like too much of a commitment, then simply feature a mosaic or decorative print on a small accent wall and fill the remaining space with a basic tile in a coordinating shape or color.

4. Natural Stone

Biophilic design, a concept used to boost connectivity to nature, has been wildly popular over the past couple years, and this is another trend that is not waning. When applied to tile, biophilic design manifests as natural stone tiles produced from materials like marble, granite, slate, travertine, and limestone. Classic and chic, natural stone tiles are also durable and surprisingly easy to maintain.

5. Heavy Texture

Three-dimensional and textured tile, also referred to as tactile tile, is another big trend to expect in 2023. Not only does it provide a sculptural element, but textured, decorative tiles also bring depth and visual interest without having to go crazy with patterns and colors. In addition there are a lot of different texture options to pick from. As mentioned earlier, handcrafted and organic tiles are a big favorite, but other popular picks include metallic and geometric designs.

6. Muted Checkerboard Patterns

It’s true that checkerboard tiles in high contrast hues is a classic pattern that never goes out of style, but this year you should expect a more subdued, monochromatic take on this timeless choice to take hold. This subtle contrast version is ideal for those who prefer a neutral palette, but want to incorporate something a little bit different.

7. Unexpected Shapes

Bold design choices are still being embraced by homeowners, so expect that to translate into a demand for uniquely shaped tiles in 2023. Rather than opting for more traditional shapes, people are wanting something out of the ordinary, such as pill-shaped tiles and other fun oddities.

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