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6 Cost-Effective Renovations to Boost Your Home Value

6 Cost-Effective Renovations to Boost Your Home Value

Making the right changes to your home can have a significant impact on its market value. Here are five cost-effective renovations to consider.

Selling a home can be an emotionally draining experience, in addition to being financially depleting. But the good news is that you don’t have to make broad, extravagant changes to your home for it to sell at a higher price. By simply making your home a blank canvas, you’ll allow potential buyers to project their own vision onto it. Put yourself in the buyer’s position and think about what they would respond to in a positive way — a fresh, clean space full of potential.

Go back to the basic essentials: Making a strong first impression, cutting out visual clutter, modernizing dated features, creating cohesiveness between rooms. All these things will give your home’s value a boost and encourage a quicker sale.

1. Use Landscaping to Tame Your Front Yard

While painting the front door is an effective means for upping curb appeal on the cheap, another tactic is to make easy updates to the current landscaping. Look to things like wildflowers, native grasses and herbs to bring a welcoming change to the ‘standard issue’ lawn that needs so much attention. Other ways to create a lush look are to include quick-growing plants like olive trees, lavender, rosemary, and papyrus. These varieties thrive on little water and don’t require much care. Things to stay away from? Red mulch, which tends to have a garish brick-like appearance that can overwhelm. Instead, go with dark soil that promotes a soft, earthy visual.

2. Thrill Them With a Fabulous Foyer

The foyer serves as an introduction to your home, so it makes sense that it should set the tone. Anything visible when you walk in the door should be flawless. Dated light fixtures? Swap them out for something straightforward and inconspicuous. Pendants or schoolhouse-style sconces in a matte finish are great choices.

3. Create Continuity Between Spaces

Going in and out of rooms with varying styles and features can be unsettling, so consider keeping the variance between rooms to a minimum. For instance, going from earthy wood flooring in the entryway to cushy shag carpeting in the living room is asking a lot from people. A way to ease the transition would be to tone down the carpeting, like swapping it out with jute rugs to feel more intentional and in-tune with the foyer. Generally speaking, ceramic tile, stained hardwood and sheet vinyl are all cost-effective options for upgrading floors.

4. Focus On Finishing Touches

When analyzing home sales with regard to features, popular real estate website Zillow found that approximately 49 percent of listings with a certain type of faucet sold for more than anticipated. This illustrates that details do in fact matter. Sturdy doorknobs and elegant faucets appeal to potential buyers’ sense of touch, as well as what they see through their eyes. Along the same lines, it might be a good idea to switch out those cheap, plastic wall plates with something more substantial, like ones made of metal or wood. Adding longer handles to cupboard doors is another way to help create a clean, streamlined look.

5. Go Neutral With White Paint and a Transitional Style

There’s no disputing that personal touches are what transform a house into a home. But your personal touches may distract buyers from what their own vision would look like. So take down your family pictures and special wall art, strip the rooms of your style, and give them a blank slate to work with. The end style-goal should land somewhere between contemporary and traditional in order to maximize the number of people who can relate to the space. Pro tips to remember: Tall baseboards will create the illusion of taller walls, and ceiling medallions bring a big dose of charm to a room. Decorative paneling is another option that is shockingly affordable and easy to install.

6. Temporary Upgrades Can Foster Ideas

While you should definitely stay away from being overly decorative, including a few understated details can actually help stir the creativity of prospective buyers when they view your space. Give them just enough of a style suggestion that they can grab hold of it and take it the rest of the way on their own. A quick, easy and inexpensive option to explore is peel-and-stick vinyl tiles. They can be used on various floors in the home or as a kitchen backsplash. The best part? They can be removed in a snap if the buyer has a different vision.

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