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5 Ways to Amplify Your Outdoor Space With Matte Black

5 Ways to Amplify Your Outdoor Space With Matte Black

Inject a little sophistication into any outdoor deck space by incorporating matte black.

Matte black is having a moment, whether we’re talking interior decor or bringing a ‘wow’ factor to the outside of the home. Use these five creative ideas to give your outdoor living space a big dose of style this season.

1. Add a Black Picture Frame Border to Your Deck

As a versatile color choice, matte black not only brings a contemporary feel to your outdoor area, but also blends well with just about any color palette. Consider giving your deck some added impact by incorporating a matte black picture frame border. Doing so is quite effective, as it gives your outdoor space a sharp, tailored appearance, in addition to placing the attention in the right place — your attractive decking boards.

For a look that is undeniably harmonious, consider pairing the matte black border with decking boards that feature hints of black in the grain pattern. For example, look for brown or gray boards with streaks of black.

Another thing to think about is the proportions of the black border to other important features, like stairs, gates or railings. For example, one strategy is to make the border wide enough so that the rail sits comfortably centered within it.

As far as optimal deck materials go, wood-plastic composite decking actually provides a few advantages when compared to traditional wood. The composite is generally less expensive than cedar and frequently priced similarly to treated lumber. In addition, the composite doesn’t need staining, painting or labor-intensive maintenance; is faster to install; and is easier to clean. Plus, the color and finish lasts decades, and it’s covered by a strong warranty.

2. Give Your Spindles and Railings Some Pizzazz

We all know the main job of balusters, spindles and railings is safety. But giving them a classy, contemporary color like matter black immediately elevates them to showstopper status aesthetically. Especially effective is a matte black aluminum railing, as it’s a classic style that does not detract from the scenic landscape.

Do you already have conventional wooden balusters? Consider upgrading them to the more streamlined matte black aluminum. The latter is available in a variety of styles and shapes, including curved options. Then finish off the look with solar post caps in matte black. Not only are they a source of gentle illumination for your deck (without batteries or wires), but they also provide the perfect final touch.

3. Choose Bold Furniture and Accessories

The importance we’ve put on our outdoor living areas in the last few years has made it so that we fully expect them to be as welcoming as our indoor spaces. This includes having elements like cushy, upholstered couches, chic accessories, and features to enhance comfort year-round, like lighting and heating. And let’s face it, it’s not hard to see why we’ve embraced the outdoors. Eating and relaxing outside is so much fun! Plus, just by giving the space a bit of decorative effort, you gain an entire extra room.

Using matte black and dark gray in your deck furnishings gives the area a sophisticated feel. You shouldn’t have any problems finding a lot of choices in these colors — and in a range of price points. Try to focus on finding a chic outdoor couch grouping in weather-resistant rattan or sturdy wood with cozy gray cushions that is just asking for you to relax. Pair it with a side table or coffee table with wooden surfaces and matte black metal legs so guests have a spot to put their plate or beverage.

Next, throw in a patterned rug in black and white on the ground, and coordinating throw pillows and blankets for increased comfort. Finish off the look with a contemporary plant display in the corner of the deck that features old planters of varying sizes and shapes renewed with a coat of matte black paint.

Style tip: It doesn’t matter if you’re inside or outside, this always holds true: If you find that you’re using a lot of black in your furnishings, be sure to balance it with lighter elements, such as medium- to light-toned deck boards, or pops of white or cream in your decorative accessories.

4. Incorporate Lattice Panels

From serving as a support for climbing plants to creating privacy from the neighbors and hiding unattractive outdoor features like an old air conditioner, lattice panels have multiple purposes. Consider picking a panel style in matte black (or painting one black) so that it can become an eye-catching garden accent as well.

Simply grab a paintbrush and give your lattice panels a coat or two of matte black paint and incorporate them into your outdoor decor. You’ll find that they blend right in with your landscaping. Use them as the background for a cozy-but-classy gazebo where you can sit, relax, and have your morning coffee or evening cocktail with friends. All you need, once the structure is in place, is a comfy outdoor couch or a small table and chairs. Another option? Use the black lattice panel to make a vertical garden on your deck.

5. Include High-Impact Lighting

For discreet outdoor lighting that is full of style, it’s hard to beat streamlined fixtures in matte black. Darker fixtures blend into the background rather than stand out, like white or stainless steel options tend to do.

Choose from wall-mounted sconces that light up vertical surfaces, step lights that provide low-light to pathways and stairs, and small, recessed lights installed in deck stair risers. Layer the lighting at different heights and levels to make things interesting — just like you would do for an indoor setting. Solar-powered post caps on your balustrades or railings is another option to consider.

Style tip: When installing deck stair lights, they shouldn’t shine upwards into your eyes. Instead, keep the light angled downward, illuminating where to walk.

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