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5 Smart Ideas for Concealing TV Cords

5 Smart Ideas for Concealing TV Cords

Clean up that tangled mess staring at you when you sit down to watch TV with these five clever ideas that will prevent cord clutter.

Modern televisions often pull double duty as a source of entertainment and home decor, particularly with the growing popularity of framed flat screen TV’s that display artwork when not in use. Jumbled cord clutter works against that clean aesthetic and looks even worse when set against light-colored walls. The good news? There are several strategies you can use to conceal TV cords and achieve a streamlined view. Here are five suggestions to consider.

1. Hide Cords Behind the Wall

Like most things, the method that works best to hide unsightly cords is the one that requires the most effort. Concealing wires and cables behind a wall renders them pretty much invisible at all angles, but there is some work involved. To begin, two holes must be cut into the wall — one at the bottom edge of where the television hangs and one by the power outlet. Next, low voltage boxes or brackets must be installed before the cords are run. This setup makes it so the cords can be plugged in at the entrance (top) and exit (bottom) points and that the wall is blank under the TV.

2. Use a Cord Concealer Kit

Another way to conceal cords for a mounted TV that is similar to the first but less involved is to use a cable concealer kit (cable raceway). The kit consists of a flat, smooth PVC cover that mounts right on the wall with an adhesive, which means you don’t have to add any extra holes. These “raceways” run the entire length of the cords and can be cut to size, adapting to fit any layout. All that is necessary is for you to gather the cords together before placing the cover on top. It’s also possible to paint over the raceways with the color of your walls so that they blend seamlessly.

3. Use a TV Stand

If you are either unable or unwilling to mount your television to the wall, it’s still possible to get that streamlined look by setting your TV on an entertainment center, console or cabinet that features an opening in the back for the cords to go through. Finding something with at least one cupboard door will also help with visual clutter, as it can serve to hide the router and/or cable box. Simply feed the wires out the back and up to the television. You may see some wires, but not nearly as many as having the box sit out in the open.

4. Organize With a Cable Storage Box

Growing in popularity, cable storage boxes are a way to keep rooms like home offices organized and looking their best. They are typically understated, neutral-colored boxes available in a range of sizes that are meant to hold power strips, all kinds of plugs and the mass of excessive cords. Just find one to match your room’s style and position it on the floor close to the cable jack and outlet.

5. Bundle Cords Together

A budget-friendly solution for cleaning up cords is to simply bundle the wires into a group. While this won’t hide the cords completely, it will cut down on the messiness and visual chaos of loose wires running every which way. Zip ties, clips, Velcro loops, adhesive hooks, and coiled sheaths are all useful tools for corralling cords. Once bundled together, the cords can be secured along the baseboard below the television or pinned to the back of the piece of furniture the TV sits on.

BONUS TIP: Label the Cords!

It doesn’t matter which strategy you use to conceal TV cables — every single cord should be clearly labeled. By doing so now, you’re sure to save yourself a big headache in the future. For example, some cords may belong to the cable provider and must be returned when switching service. It’ll save you a lot of hassle knowing ahead of time which cords are which. Also, if you relocate your TV, having the cords labeled will make plugging all those cords back in a cinch.

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